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Revelle @ 40
UCSD's first college celebrates its anniversary...

In a world that is fast moving, and constantly changing, Revelle College continues in the traditions of its founder to strive for innovation and the betterment of humanity. This year Revelle College celebrates its 40th anniversary, remembers its alumni, and honors its founder Roger Revelle.

Click here for the Official 40th Anniversary Site

This on-line newsletter has been created to help connect Revelle Alumni to each other as well as the UCSD Alumni and UCSD Community as a whole. It's fitting that as our premier issue coincides with the 40th Anniversary that we will highlight news from the past 40 years of Students, Professors, Research, Founders, and the growth of Revelle.

A brief philosophy from the Founder

In an address at Carnegie-Mellon University in 1971, Revelle outlined the philosophy that epitomized his life:

  • We must work to improve the quality of the social environment created by human beings . . .
  • We must stem the deterioration of our natural environment by preserving its wonder, beauty, and diversity . . .
  • We must face the facts of world population growth . . .
  • We must re-inspire our universities . . .
  • We should work for the abolition of atomic weapons . . .
  • To create a new world, we must first create within ourselves a higher concern for good, a stronger will for right action, and a deeper sense of brotherhood . . . .