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40th Anniversary Symposia
A Big Success

At the opening of Winter Quarter 2005, Revelle hosted a series of Seminars, Lectures, and Discussions on the topic of Global Warming. The series kicked off with a tribute to Roger Revelle by honored guests: Marye Anne Fox (Chancellor, UCSD), Walter Munk (Research Professor, Scripps Institution of Oceanography), Keith Brueckner (Professor Emeritus Physics), Hugh Bradner (Professor Emeritus Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering/Geophysics & Planetary Physics), and Marge Bradner (close Friend of Roger and Ellen Revelle).

The turnout for the series was phenomenal. The seats (and aisles) were packed! The topics for the seminars ranged from the Affects & Science of Global Warming to the Political Policy of the US and World Governments.

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