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A Renewed Vision
The Revelle College logo gets a new look...
By James Lin, Jr., ‘96

When I first designed the logo as outgoing Revelle College Council Chairman in 1995, the well-rounded curriculum came to mind as an important aspect of the Revelle experience. “Learning how to learn,” was a familiar Revelle phrase spouted in orientation, leadership, and campus-wide events. In keeping with the strong academic tradition that Roger Revelle set in motion in 1960, the six major points of the Revelle College curriculum became incorporated as a cornerstone of the new logo. These six requirements for a broad liberal arts education include Mathematics, Natural Science, Humanities, Social Science, Fine Arts, and Language.

Roger Revelle was an accomplished scientist and oceanographer. The proximity of Revelle College to the Pacific is one of the major attractions of the beautiful campus. I thought it only natural then that a Pacific sunset drape the background. The anchor in the logo represents the strong curriculum with which Revelle students are educated. Graduates are anchored throughout their lives with the “language of science, scholarship, and creativity” that was first instilled in them as students. When I was a freshman at Revelle, the main cafeteria was named “Anchorview,” and a large anchor graced the entranceway. It has since changed names several times, but the spirit of Revelle’s anchor will live on for generations beyond the first graduating class of 1964. A few more details one may notice in the logo are the sun’s six rays, and the anchor’s six points which signify the core curriculum. Furthermore, since the inception of the logo in 1995, a new college has been added to UCSD completing the six stars that ornament the periphery.

Three key terms that embody the Revelle philosophy are Purpose, Truth, and Vision. It was with great purpose that Roger Revelle first mustered enough support to found UCSD and Revelle College. Similarly, the curriculum reflects the purpose of a rigorous and broad general education: which is to arrive at truth. The truths that Revelle graduates seek are grounded in an education that sets the foundation for learning how to learn. Purpose and truth fostered in the undergraduate years have allowed our alumni to contribute greatly to the diversity of knowledge and human betterment. Revelle’s vision is what began this whole journey, and it is only with this same vision that we can hope to continue this already amazing beginning.

With Purpose and Truth, one can guide Vision.
With Vision and Truth, one will have Purpose.
With Purpose and Vision, one will find the Truth.
With Purpose, Truth, and Vision, one takes a step
toward understanding oneself.